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Searching for ‘acupuncture Perth’? All our chiropractors in Perth are trained in anatomical acupuncture (dry needling). Dr Paul Staerker also does traditional Chinese acupuncture. For those people who dislike needles, we use painless infra-red laser acupuncture. The laser is also ideal for children and babies.

Acupuncture Perth: physiological effects

Stimulation of acupuncture points causes the nervous system to release chemicals in the brain, spinal cord and muscles. These chemicals can change the experience of pain. And they can trigger the release of other chemicals and hormones that influence the body’s own internal regulating system. The immune system can also be stimulated. Tissue repair can be enhanced meaning sprains and strains can heal quicker. The improved energy and biochemical balance positively affects physical and emotional wellbeing. Nervousness and insomnia can be greatly improved using specific calming points. Acupuncture is also very helpful for headaches, neck pain and lower back pain.

Frequently asked questions

What is a treatment like?
Treatments may last as little as one minute or as long as five minutes. (Needle acupuncture may take much longer – approximately 15-30 minutes). The total number of treatments varies from 4-18. It depends on the body’s natural healing rate and the severity or chronicity of the problem. Generally, the less severe the condition, the fewer treatments required.
Results can be quite rapid. Some people notice a feeling of wellbeing or decrease of pain after one or two treatments. More than 80% of people will respond positively to Laser treatment. The golden rule is – Healing Takes Time!
How often will I need be treated?
Everyone is different. In significant problems we may treat a person daily for three visits. Then twice a week for several weeks is usually sufficient to build on the natural healing response. We will prescribe a schedule tailored to your condition.


How do I know if acupuncture can help me?

The best way to find out is to have a trial of at least 4 acupuncture treatments. If a person has a fear of needles, then low power laser acupuncture will be used instead.
In our clinic we only use the finest Japanese needles, which are disposable. They are extremely fine in diameter, and 3-4 can fit within a hypodermic needle.
Please remember to try acupuncture before having any cortisone injections. This is because acupuncture will not work for approximately 18 months after having a cortisone injection. This is due to the alteration of the body’s natural healing responses caused by corticosteroids.
We find that stubborn health problems often respond well to a combined approach using chiropractic, soft tissue therapy and acupuncture. We pride ourselves in working with people who have ‘tried everything else’, but with little or no results.

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