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Looking for a back pain chiropractor in Burswood, Victoria Park, Perth, East Perth or South Perth? Or suffering from headaches or neck pain? We have over 90 years experience helping people with back pain, lower back pain or headaches. And this safe experience is what helps us make the right recommendations without medicines or surgery. Our treatments for patients of all ages will give you much more than just chiropractic care.

On top of our work with adult patients, we are widely recognised for our work with babies and children. The results in this area are overwhelmingly positive and have helped thousands of families deal with discomfort.

Chiropractic Care for Children!

Would you agree it’s useful to avoid back and neck pain in your children’s lives later down the track?

Explore Chiropractic Care for Babies

Would you agree it’s useful to avoid back and neck pain in your children’s lives later down the track?

The overview of our Chiropractic Services below allows you to go through a brief summary by clicking on the titles. Chiropractic care can help solve many problems in your body by working on your musculoskeletal system, without medicines or surgery. Depending on your discomfort and on your diagnosis, we will recommend one or several of the following treatments:

Our Treatments

This is where we manually create passive joint movement, to relieve restriction of your joints, and get you back to normal, meaning that your joint functions correctly. When we adjust your joint, we use low amplitude thrust at high velocity. You’ll often hear a click when gas escapes from the fluid that surrounds your joint.
Another technique is “mobilisation”: we apply small passive oscillating movements, from the early range of movement to the end range, depending on your situation.
When we say muscle therapy we talk about manipulating any soft tissue, like muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments. The manipulation can be:
– massage: kneading and rubbing of a muscle
– trigger point therapy and ischaemic compression: direct pressure to trigger points within the muscles
– cross friction: creating heat, increasing inflammatory response and healing speed
It’s often your tight muscles that cause you pain and we use the trigger points within a muscle to reduce that pain or the referred pain. What we do is inserting a very thin acupuncture needle into the knot without injecting any substance. It breaks down the trigger point and this is a different method to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture which works on the body’s Meridians.
Ice decreases the blood flow to an area an heat increases it. This is why we use ice for inflammation and heat for tight muscles and chronic pain.
Sometimes we use a combination of ice and heat to work on swollen muscles.
Swelling is stagnant fluid in a certain area and we use heat and cold to pump it out. Ice makes blood vessels constrict, heat makes them dilate and this is what creates the pumping action.
Our Chiropractors use an Activator as an alternative to manual manipulation. It’s a spring-loaded instrument that delivers a small impulse to the spine. We use the tool for a more gentle approach, working with babies, children and elderly people. And we also use it as a compliment to other treatment techniques.
We use compression to reduce the swelling or inflammation when you suffer from injury. A small amount of swelling is what heals our body and that’s a good thing. But excessive swelling or bruising can cause pain, reduce your ability to move and even stop the blood from going in that area. This is when we usually use compression, using elastic bandages or sleeves. Alternatively we use Strapping/Taping.
There are many ways to use strapping and taping. Rigid taping – which is a specific technique – can help prevent an injury, or it can be useful to protect one.
When we just want to support and stabilise your joints, without affecting your motion or blood circulation, we use more flexible forms of tape.
Sometimes taping is simply used to interfere with pain signals, like when we’re rubbing an area that hurts to make it feel better.
We use a variety of stainless steel handheld instruments and tools, in various shapes and sizes, to break up abnormal tissue densities (like scar tissue). These tools also help to create “good inflammation” which is the start of the healing process. There are many different instruments used to perform IASTM. They include Myobar©, Graston©, STMFish©, and Guasha.
Lymph nodes are situated throughout the body and are responsible for producing lymph (a clear fluid that removes excess fluid and toxins from the body). If lymph builds up in an area, it can become painful and interfere with normal function. Lymphatic drainage massage helps your body to reduce this build-up of lymph.
Inter-X is an electrical stimulation of your muscles and nerves, and when we use this we are activating your body’s natural pain relief mechanism. To put it simple, the electrodes stimulate the nerves in an affected area and send signals to the brain that block normal pain signals. This also helps your body to produce endorphins (natural pain-killers) so you’ll just feel less pain.
When we use Laser Therapy we use the power of the low power laser to stimulate your cells so they are encouraged to heal and work correctly. The technique creates the same result as dry-needling (see above) but without piercing your skin.
Laser therapy is also known as low-power laser, soft laser, cold laser, biostimulation laser, therapeutic laser and laser acupuncture.
Our Chiropractors will give you advice on how to stretch. What stretching does is reduce the tightness of muscles. When something is going on in parts of your body, muscles will often tighten up to protect themselves, and stretching is the answer to that. Check our free video library for stretch tips and tricks.
We will prescribe exercises to help you improve your posture, reduce pain or help your joints so they work better. We can make you go through very basic movements or work on strengthening your body, depending on where you’re at. Our practitioners can tailor a program that fits with your unique lifestyle and abilities. Quite often we see that when you exercise, this improves the overall outcome of your treatment.
Rehabilitation is very important after an injury or surgery. We aim to make sure the problem doesn’t come back or causes ongoing problems. Prehabilitation helps you prepare for surgery, and can help reduce recovery time. The practitioner always tailors the program based on your specific situation.
A very large part of our health depends on what we eat. Not having enough of certain nutrients, or consuming too much of something else, can influence your overall health and wellbeing. With our advice we want to make sure we work on a healthy, balanced diet.