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Occupational Therapists Perth

Googling for “professional occupational therapists Perth”? Our OT’s are trained healthcare professionals. They are specialised in solving your ability problems.

When an injury, illness, or disability limits your normal life, we will help you to improve function and participation in everyday tasks.

How can your occupational therapists help?

Occupational therapy is all about how you do everyday things. We use exactly these simple activities, so you can do them as well.
An occupational therapist is a qualified health professional. They help you improve your health and wellbeing, by doing these activities.

What they understand really well is the link between how your body works, and the activities you do. A great thing about occupational therapists is that they won’t just look at your muscles. They will look at the entire person. Whether you’d like to be able to walk the dog, or play golf with your mates. We see the human body as a whole person. Not just as a collection of body parts that need a service.

The goal is to help you recover from chronic pain. And to get there we work together with other health professionals, so you get the best possible care and outcome.

The Burswood Health Chronic Pain Programme

When you start on the Chronic Pain Programme at Burswood Health, you’re on a journey to get better. We work towards that powerful end goal: seeing you return to your everyday life.

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Occupational Therapy for Children

From help after an injury, all the way to preventing injuries by changing habits. We work on motor skills or balance. And we help children in everyday tasks so they develop the physical control they need.

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Functional Rehabilitation

With Functional Rehabilitation we use controlled movements of vulnerable or weakened areas to improve strength.

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