chiropractors in perth

Our chiropractors in Perth work closely together with our occupational therapists and podiatrists. That’s how we ensure you get the best help.

Burswood Health which is centrally located in Perth has four chiropractors, two occupational therapists and two podiatrists and a team of friendly, helpful front desk and clinical assistants.

Chiropractors in Perth

Dr Paul Staerker – AAS(Chem), B Sc DC
Dr Peter Bryner – M Chiro Sc, B App Sc (Chiro)
Dr Abbey Chilcott – B Sc (Chiro)(Hons), B Chiro (Hons)
Dr Kirsty Sterle – B Sc (Chiro), B Chiro

Dr Angus Chow
– B Sc (Chiro), B Chiro
Dr Ben Hawkins – B Sc (H Biol) B Sc (Chiro), B Chiro
Dr Ashka Mehta – B Sc (Chiro), B Chiro
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Occupational Therapists in Perth

Kate Thomas – M Occ Thy, B Sc (Ex & Sp Sc)
Sian Watts – BSc (OT) Cert OHS

More information about our occupational therapy.

Podiatrists in Perth

Satvinder Notay Bsc (Hons), APodA, AAPSM
More information about our podiatry.

Located close to the Causeway in Perth

Our clinic is located in Burswood / Victoria Park, close to public transport and the Perth CBD.

Free advice

We love our work. It’s great to be of service and really help people who are in pain or need our treatment. Because it’s important to maintain your spinal health we have set up a video database. By watching our videos, you can practice stretching exercises at home. Or you get a better understanding of your back, neck or shoulders. We do recommend to subscribe to our feed, so you don’t miss any updates.

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