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Perth chiropractic services, podiatry and OT

At Burswood Health we love to pause for a moment and reflect on WHY we are doing what we are doing. For some of us it’s the drive to help people overcome pain. Or it’s the obsession to understand the science and help people understand their bodies really well. Sometimes we’re driven by the desire to help people live the best possible life they can, after an injury.

We also want to use our accumulated scientific knowledge, experience and wisdom, so people can avoid physical problems…from the day they are born.

We see you as a person. Not as a file number with symptoms and disorders.

We decided to be a holistic clinic simply because in our bodies, everything is connected. Joints don’t operate without influencing ligaments and muscles. The bigger picture is not just your entire body. It’s your entire life. What activities did you do? Which ones really matter? How can we not just work on the symptom, but on supporting you so you can do things and enjoy them.

From Perth chiropractic services to multi-disciplinary clinic

We began as the Minty Chiropractic Clinic in 1967, which later became Causeway Chiropractic Clinic. Dr Staerker and Dr Minty were the principals when the existing building was completed in 1994. That’s when we took on our current name of Burswood Health. Our clinic is located in Burswood / Victoria Park, corner Shepperton Road and Harvey Street.

We’re a group of allied health professionals, including chiropractors, occupational therapists and podiatrists.

And that’s what brings us together. Being able to care for the whole person.

For over 40 years we have been helping people, applying and doing research, improving our individual and collective skills and building on our experience. And most importantly, we have been nurturing our passion to help, to support and to make a difference. And that’s what you will feel when you enter the Burswood Health Clinic. Whether you’re googling for “Perth chiropractic services”, “Perth Occupational therapists” or “Perth podiatrists”, our multi-disciplinary clinic offers a professional service in all 3 disciplines.