Back pain prevention and maintaining muscle mass

Back pain prevention: here’s what you can do!

Back pain prevention is relevant for all of us. And exercise has to be a key part of your treatment program. It’s where self-management comes in with a customised program, tailored to your needs. Muscles contain and protect the spine so it’s important we give our muscles the right amount of exercise, particularly when we are ageing.
So yes, when it’s about back pain prevention, we strongly believe that exercise is key.
If you’re suffering from back pain then back pain prevention will be of interest to you and you’ll surely find the motivation to start exercising if you’re not already doing it. And if you have never been advised to integrate daily exercise in your program, then it might be wise to come and see one of our Perth Chiropractors so we can design a tailored exercise program for you.

When you choose certain types of exercise, it’s important to pick the ones that make your muscles work. Because, as we age, we lose muscle mass, and we must address our “muscle content” because we lose muscle fibre. And that is linked to all sort of diseases.
Your muscles – when in good shape – are also doing great work burning body fat.

Muscles are key for back pain prevention

So in essence, our training program is focusing on compensating for that loss in muscle mass. Of course, if you’re really serious about back pain prevention, you’ll understand that your exercise needs to be well chosen, and have a regular character. It might require a bit of willpower, but you’ll get amazing benefits from it as you grow older.

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Paul Staerker

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