Burswood Health at the South Perth Community Expo

South Perth was bathing in the Perth sun on Friday 10 March and it was great to meet you there for the South Perth Community Expo. For our team it was a great opportunity to meet you, coming from all surrounding suburbs (South Perth, Burswood, Victoria Park, Perth CBD, and even a few visitors who had come all the way from Mandurah and Joondalup to meet our team of therapists).

South Perth World Record

The event was linked to an Outdoor Fitness World Record Attempt. For our team, we registered a record amount of interested seniors, keen to learn more about Positive Ageing, exercises to do at home, and the importance of spinal check-ups by a professional therapist. It was our pleasure to be part of this beautiful community event, organised by People Who Care WA.

Why knowledge matters

In the video, Dr Kirsty Sterle explains why at Burswood Health we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you as a patient. The more you understand how your muscles and joints work, the more you’ll be motivated and inspired to implement some of the simple exercises we teach you. It’s amazing what happens when we start understanding our body, and making small changes to take better care of our joints, ligaments and muscles.

What if you missed it?

If you missed the South Perth Community Expo, and you still want to find out more about these exercises we recommend, or if you just want to book an appointment for a spinal check-up, click the contact button or give us a call.

And for more information about People Who Care, click here.


Paul Staerker

Paul Staerker

Principal / Chiropractor at Burswood Health
Dr Paul Staerker entered pre-medicine and majored in chemistry and physics, to then obtain a degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois USA.In 1983 he partnered with Dr Miriam Minty at the then Causeway Chiropractic Clinic, and opened Burswood Health Professionals in 1993.
Paul Staerker