Core Strength Training using a Gym Ball

Core strength training for your back

Core strength training is a topic we love at Burswood Chiropractors. This video shows you a few exercises you can use if you haven’t got any chronic lower back problems. If you’re fit, and you’re doing them in a safe way with somebody supervising you, then you can make a big difference using these exercises.
In our previous videos we have been looking at good posture, when simply using the Gym Ball as an office chair. And we have guided you through some basic core strength exercises to get started. Please bear in mind that the exercises demonstrated in this video are for more advanced core strength training. So be careful!

Why core strength training is important

This core strength training and the exercises we give you are all about empowering you so you can start taking good care of your back before or after you have seen one of our Perth chiropractors. The reason why this type of exercises really works, is simple: you are using the muscles from a position of good posture, so you are basically making them stronger. This, in essence, is what avoids typical problems when you don’t use them or use them incorrectly.

More core strength training exercises and other videos

Dr Paul Staerker and Dr Kirsty Sterle are Perth Chiropractors with a deep passion for holistic health care. They love helping out patients so they can improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of pain and discomfort.
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Paul Staerker

Paul Staerker

Principal / Chiropractor at Burswood Health
Dr Paul Staerker entered pre-medicine and majored in chemistry and physics, to then obtain a degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in Lombard, Illinois USA.In 1983 he partnered with Dr Miriam Minty at the then Causeway Chiropractic Clinic, and opened Burswood Health Professionals in 1993.
Paul Staerker