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Our feet exist as an intricate network of muscles, ligaments and bones. In fact, the feet contain one quarter of the bones in our entire body. This makes them a very important part of our anatomy and something that we really shouldn’t neglect.
At Burswood Health, we specialise in podiatry as a part of a holistic approach to good healthcare. Our Perth based podiatrist, Satvinder Notay, can help you with all your foot related aches and pains. When you put your feet in Sat’s caring hands, you will begin the road to recovery and relief.

It’s been estimated that our feet carry us 128,000 kilometres in our lifetime!

Foot pain may result from a variety of causes such as:

Footwear and Foot structure (biomechanics),
Skin growths (corns and calluses and warts),
Disease (diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis),
Soft tissue injury or infection
Foot and leg pain that comes from the foot rolling in too much (pronation) or the foot rolling out too much (supination) can also affect the feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back. Heel spurs, fallen arches, bunions, entrapped nerves and osteoarthritis can also cause foot pain. The majority of people put up with these problems for years and only get medical advice when it is too late and when surgery is needed. Early detection and treatment of foot problems can avoid a lifetime of trouble.
Our podiatrist often need to assess footwear, foot and leg alignment, sporting activities and different sporting techniques to decide on the mechanism of injury or strain. This may need to be followed up with medical imaging like x-ray, ultrasound or MRIs. Our podiatrists can refer you for these scans. From these findings we arrive at a diagnosis of your problem and appropriate treatment is then prescribed.

Our podiatrists in Perth treat all aspects of foot pain from ingrown toenails (surgical or non-surgical) to corns and callous and heel spurs. We also deal with children who are having trouble with leg pain, in-toeing or out-toeing, or growing pains. We treat all aspects of sporting complaints using in-shoe orthotics, acupuncture, muscle re-training, massage and stretching techniques. We also treat a wide range of foot problems seen in the elderly such as diabetes and arthritis.
Our goal is to get you back to your best health and normal function as soon as possible using modern podiatry treatment plans and methods.

To aid us with making a diagnosis we often use a specialised pulse reader called a Doppler ultrasound. This enables us to listen to pulses; monitoring patient progress and circulation changes. For biomechanical assessments our podiatrists use a computerised RS gait scan to help diagnose different foot conditions before we progress to insoles or orthotics. The RS gait scan is a 2D computer foot scanner which assess foot pressures and is designed to help our diagnosis by visually showing us what type of pressures are occurring under your foot when you walk.

Our biomechanical assessment and foot pressure scanner helps us construct in-shoe orthotics to control abnormal mechanics. We are able to custom design many different types of orthotic designs that can fit into almost any type of shoe. We can make sports shoe, work boot, business shoe and ‘high heel slimmer’ orthotics. We are also able to make orthotics to fit sandals!

A referral is not needed to attend a podiatrist treatment when claiming from your health fund.

Most health funds will provide rebates for podiatry care. Patients with ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes may be able to attain a referral form their doctor for podiatry care funded by Medicare. The Department of Veteran Affairs also funds Podiatry treatment for service men and women through referrals from their doctor.

Contact us for an appointment today so we can help you improve the health and function of your feet!

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Conditions Treated
The following is a list of foot related conditions that podiatrists treat:
Achilles tendinitis
Anterior shin Pain (Shin Splints)
Bacterial infections of the foot
Calcaneal apophysitis (Sever’s disease)
Chondromalacia patella
Chronic compartment syndrome of the Leg
Complex regional pain syndrome (RSDS)
Cracked heels
Cuboid syndrome
Diabetic neuropathy and burning feet
Foot ulcers
Foot care for diabetics
Ganglia of the feet
Heel pain (Heel Spurs)
Hallux abductor valgus (Bunions)
Heel spurs
Ingrown toenails
In-toeing gait in children
Kohler’s disease
Limb length discrepancy
Leg ulcers
Myofascial pain syndrome
Nerve entrapments /Morton’s Neuroma
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Plantar verrucae (Warts)
Raynaud’s syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis/ Osteoarthritis
Running related injuries, lower limb
Sinus tarsi syndrome
Skin growths (Corns and callous)
Sporting injuries of foot and ankle
Stress fractures
Tarsal tunnel syndrome
Tailor’s bunion
Tibialis posterior tendon dysfunction
Tinea pedis (Fungal infections of the foot)
Toe alignment (Hammer Toes/claw toes)